Builder's Club

The Rappahannock River District is one of the fastest growing districts in the Virginia Conference. In 2008, the District had the largest percent increase of church members compared to any other district in the Virginia Conference. As the suburbs of Northern Virginia move southward past Fredericksburg, and the Richmond metropolitan area expands northward, we have been given a staggering opportunity to reach new people with the Good News of God’s love in Jesus.

Many of our existing churches are located in growing areas and are embracing their new neighbors with the gospel. Experience has also shown us that new congregations are particularly effective at evangelizing persons with little or no prior faith experience. In addition to supporting our growing established churches, the Rappahannock River District needs to build many new churches to address the rapid population growth in our area.

Thanks for serving in the Kingdom.

In Christ,
David A Kellison,Pres
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What is the Builders Club?

The Builder’s Club is a group of Laity and Clergy across the Fredericksburg District who have pledged financial support for building new churches, renovating and expanding existing church facilities on the district.

How Does the Club Raise Money?

Two or three times a year, the Builder’s Club will issue a call to its members. When members receive a call letter, they are invited to respond with a donation to the Club.

How Much Do Members Give?

We understand. Give what you can, and both you and others will be blessed. Maybe you could give more at the next call.

What if I Can't Give What I Thought?

There is no minimum or maximum pledge amount. When you join the Club, you are invited to estimate how much you will give at each call. You may not be able to give your pledge amount when you receive a call. Give what you can to help.

How Can Our Church get Club Funding?

A Builder’s Club committee of twelve will choose no more than three church projects each year to receive Builder’s Club funding. Both existing churches and our new churches in building programs may apply. The pastor and lay leadership of the church can write to the District Builder’s Club President or District Superintendent requesting the Club’s support. Builder’s Club funding may only be given once the project is under construction.