There are many, many opportunities for Ministry within the Fredericksburg District.  You'll find some mentioned within this web site, but many more at our individual churches.  

We invite you to come and participate with us.  If you are interested in a particular ministry and don't know where to look, please get in touch with us on the "Contact Us" link on the menu above.

Westview on the James

“We love church camp and reteats because we always feel welcomed and accepted there. The focus on God and loving one another makes us more aware of our actions and how meaningful it is to 'do good' and 'avoid harm.' It’s good to be with other kids who are just as interested in that as we are. Worship, prayer, and practicing faith are exciting and fun… It is great how you come not knowing very many people and go home having so many friends…it happens every time. Camp helps us be more caring people when we come home. Camp is awesome.”
Westview’s mission is simple: to provide “a place apart” for Christian hospitality and learning that helps people of all ages affirm and grow in their faith as they experience the wonder of God’s creation.


Heart Havens

Our Mission: Heart Havens empowers adults with intellectual disabilities to live and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Vision: Heart Havens will be the premier provider of person-centered supports for people with intellectual disabilities throughout Virginia.

Our values:  Integrity, Respect, Empowerment, Empathy, Accountability 

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